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29th September 2024





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Get involved...

Whether it's for your own challenge or raising money for charity we've got something for everyone

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Half Marathon

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Half Marathon Relay


Half Marathon Walk


Half Marathon Walk Relay

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Junior 1km Race - 5 - 11 years

2km Image-modified.png

Junior 2km Race - 12 - 16 years

About the Potters 'Arf

The Potters 'Arf is a challenging 13.1-mile race held in the city of Stoke-on-Trent, featuring the famous "Heartbreak Hill" section. This iconic event attracts runners from across the country who are drawn to the hilly course and the incredible support from the local community. Participants are rewarded with a unique medal and a thrilling city centre finish that energizes even the weariest legs.


Not only does the Potters 'Arf offer physical challenges, but it also provides significant mental and health benefits. The event raises funds for local charities. This local event is committed to supporting the community by contributing volunteers, promotion, and running costs to ensure the success of the event. Since its establishment in 2005 superseding the Potteries Marathon, the Potters 'Arf has become a beloved annual tradition, with organisers aiming for around 2,500 participants to take part in this year's race on Sunday 29th September 2024.

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